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Trey is an NCAA Champion, two-time World Champion, member of the 2008 United States Olympic team and the silver medalist in the 2012 London Olympics. But what makes him so successful is that he doesn’t think about gold or the glory that comes with it. He thinks about getting better. Better than yesterday, better than tomorrow. That’s why Trey has lifted a Dynamax ball over 300 times a day for the last decade.

Dynamax has helped Trey build explosiveness, power and elasticity. But what Trey didn’t expect is how the ball helped him build mental strength. Turns out, winning all those titles is as much a byproduct of mental fortitude as it is physical strength.

All balls are 14” in diameter, moisture resistant and made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials.

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Trey has been a Global Ambassador for The Flatwater Foundation for three years.

The Flatwater Foundation provides access to mental health support for families and individuals affected by cancer. The weight of the ball you order is the percentage that DYNAMAX will DONATE to The Flatwater Foundation.

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25 % Donation

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