The original and the best. Dynamax medicine balls have been the athlete’s choice for almost 40 years due to their superior durability, craftsmanship, and performance.

The original, tried-and-tested design. The Standard ball is the first and the best

This smaller ball is great for sport specific, youth, and one arm training.

Dyanamax atlas home comparison

Available in weights from 30lb to 150lb, the soft-shell Atlas stone is perfect for your next strongman workout.

Dyanamax elite home comparison

Developed with NFL offensive line coaches, the triple stitched, reinforced construction ensures supreme durability.

A Strength Training LOG you can lift, flip, throw, carry, strike, drag, jump on, & slam.

Dynamax’s first official slam ball that can be thrown and slammed against hard and rough surfaces, both indoor and out.

Made in the USA of a tough 14" PVC shell that will not warp. The 14" D-Ball comes in weights ranging from 10–150lbs.

The complete core workout tool. Take your sit-up throws to the next level and push your core to the max in complete safety.


"If There Is A Weighted Ball That Needs To Be In Your Tool Box, It's The Dynamax Ball"
Has worked well with people who find catching the hard rubber balls difficult. Dynamax balls are stuffed with a nice cloth like material that provides a great bounce back from floor or walls. Can withstand the force from athletes if thrown on floor or wall, I have yet to see one completely tear open on impact. If there is a weighted ball that needs to be in your tool box, it's the Dynamax ball.

– lalo Z
"Dynamax Is The Only Way To Go"
Dynamax is the only way to go, I have gone with cheaper ones before trying to save money and the material is not even close…most are too slick of a material for gripping as in wall ball etc…

– John Marshall


Coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley founded Dynamax in 1985 after being unable to find a medicine ball that met their needs. One that was tough enough to hold up during high-impact training, but soft enough not to not damage walls or hurt training partners’ hands.

Bruce, an Athletic Trainer at the University of Texas, and Jim, a Director at the Central Texas YMCA and college professor set out to create their own product. The 14” Soft-Shell Dynamax Medicine Ball was born. Over the next three decades, the duo and their growing team enhanced and expanded the Dynamax range. Today, our medicine balls remain the #1 choice of professional and collegiate coaches and athletes.

Their design and durability make them the go-to medicine ball for over 90% of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. Best-in-class Dynamax products have always been proudly Made in the USA, manufactured using 70% post-consumer materials. Great for people, great for the environment.

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Our medicine balls are durable enough to withstand repeated impacts

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Rigorous quality control and unique production methods ensure consistent quality

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Used by elite athletes, including over 90% of all NFL, NBA, MLB teams


So, you’ve got your medicine ball on order – but how can you make the most of it? We’ve put together a selection of medicine ball exercises and full workouts to help you fast-track your training. Whatever level of fitness you’re at, our exercises will show you how to train like an athlete and improve your muscle growth, cardiovascular health, balance and strength in no time.

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We videos covering a range of different home workouts for you to try. From single leg squats to a halo chop or knee march, we are sure there will be one for you to enjoy.