4 Medicine Ball Moves to Build Strong and Powerful Legs

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021

The ability to create and generate power starts in the legs. The stronger your foundation, the greater your ability to build and transfer forces through your body.

Traditionally athletes use squats, lunges, and Olympic lifts to build powerful legs through total body integrated movements. However, Olympic lifts keep the body in a single sagittal plane which doesn’t always translate well to sports that require both lateral and rotational movements. This is true for most sports, whether striking a soccer ball, swinging a bat, throwing a javelin or throwing a punch.

To build powerful legs it’s important to not only perform Olympic style lifts, but to also include dynamic strength exercises that challenge multiple planes of motion. You can achieve this with the Dynamax Medicine Ball.

Here are some examples of Dynamax Medicine Ball exercises you can perform safely anywhere to strengthen your legs and build a powerful foundation.

4 Medicine Ball Moves to Build Strong and Powerful Legs

Duck Walks

Strengthen the entire lower body as you build endurance in your glutes, quads and hamstrings by performing Duck Walks. Grab a heavier Dynamax ball between 10-20lbs and hug it to your chest. Drop into a deep squat with your feet and knees wider than your elbows. Remain in the squat as you take small steps forward and backward, making sure to pivot on the lead foot with each step.

Lunge w/ Rotation

Build lower body stability and upper body mobility with a lunge with rotation. Hold a lighter 4-8lb Dynamax ball with arms extended in front of you. Take a big step forward leading with the heel and lower the trail knee until it’s slightly off the ground, Next rotate the ball away from the trail foot, return to the starting position and stand up. Alternate legs and rotation direction with each step.

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow drops build strong legs while powerfully engaging the core and teaching the body to rotate as a unit. Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart holding a 4-12lb Dynamax ball in front of you. Pivot your feet and squat bringing the ball to the ground on one side. Next powerfully stand as you bring the ball overhead, pivoting on your toes, and lower the ball to the opposite side. Lightly release the ball just off the ground so it bounces back into your hands.

Skaters to Bucket Toss

Skaters are a favorite exercise for many trainers and coaches wanting to build lateral explosive strength in their athletes. It’s also the perfect exercise for anyone wanting to target skills like agility, coordination and balance in their workouts. Progress the skater by adding a Dynamax Bucket Toss, throwing the ball with a partner, or against a smooth reinforced wall.
Standing on the lead leg hop back laterally as your trail leg passes behind with the ball in front of your body. Drive off the trail leg while powerfully tossing the ball with straight arms, aiming for your partner’s outstretched hands, or a point on the wall. Make sure to follow through before receiving the pass back or rebound as you hop back to the trail foot and repeat.


The Dynamax Medicine Ball is the perfect tool for building lower body endurance and strength with the added benefit of building a strong core and upper body. Adding the Dynamax Medicine Ball to your workout frees you to train dynamic movement patterns with a safe overload contributing to a more powerful foundation and enhanced athleticism.

If you’re interested in buying a medicine ball, why not explore our online store. Alternatively, if you’re after more workout tips, you can visit our blog or home workout section for ideas.