Top 3 Medicine Ball Workouts To Strengthen Your Arms

Friday, Apr 23, 2021

If you own or are thinking of buying a medicine ball, you may be wondering if there are any recommended exercises for your arms. While most medicine ball activities are designed to engage the entire body, rather than just the arms, these high-intensity movements certainly give the arms a great workout! In this blog, we’re revealing our top three medicine ball workout routines to strengthen your arm muscles at home or in the gym. We’ve also provided some handy videos for you to follow so you can pick up the drills in no time!

1. Strength and Power Exercises

From your shoulders to your triceps, when it comes to building stronger, more powerful muscles in your arms, we recommend you try these exercises with a 6 – 10Ib medicine ball:

Anterior shoulders: D-Jacks


Shoulders: Cowboy Squat (Overhead shoulder press)


Triceps: Close Grip Push Up (Hands on ball with elbows tucked at sides)


Posterior shoulders: Squat Toss


Posterior shoulder: Reverse Log Toss (aka Stone Throw)

2. Hammer Chops

Perfect for improving mobility in your arms and shoulders, hammer chops are a classic medicine ball workout which is simple to achieve. We recommend doing this one with a lighter weight of 6 – 1Ib.

3. Sumo Squat Hold With Curl

If you would like to work on the biceps, we recommend holding a sumo squat with your elbows resting on the insides of your thighs and performing a curl. This is the perfect exercise to try with a heavier ball weight of around 10 – 20Ib.

If you use these recommended Medicine Ball Arm Workouts as part of your regular total body workout, it will help build powerful arms with stronger muscles and improved mobility. These moves are also perfect for engaging your legs, core and other key muscle groups for a well-rounded gym session. If you’re interested in buying a medicine ball, why not explore our online store. Alternatively, if you’re after more workout tips, you can visit our blog or home workout section for ideas.