The Balls

Coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley were searching for the perfect tool for high velocity, partner-based medicine ball training. They wanted a ball that was durable enough to withstand the high impact of training but soft enough to not injure the hands of the training partner. Not only did they design the perfect medicine ball, the balls are made in America using 70% post consumer materials.

Dynamax Standard Ball
Standard Medicine Ball

The goal: “To create the most efficient flow of directed motion possible.”  The standard Dynamax Medicine Ball achieves just that.  Its 14” diameter is ergonomically designed to maximize performance in the most functional way possible.  The original Dynamax Line sets the standard for medicine ball design, and construction.  Durable, and the tool of champions the world over, our Standard Line has been tried, tested, and proven for over two decades.

Dynamax MMA ball
Dynamax MMA Red Label

MMA fighters and world-class boxers have long been fans of Dynamax products.  The MMA line was launched in 2010 to show our support for these world-class athletes.  The Red Label Line is constructed with the same military grade material, and triple stitched manufacturing method as our Elite Line, but is branded specifically for our MMA market.

Dynamax Elite Ball
Dynamax Elite

Some athletes are capable of producing ungodly amount of force transfer.  Dynamax has developed a ball with military grade material, and triple stitched seams to equip these elite-level athletes with a tool that can stand up to anything they throw at it (or should we say throw it at).  No other medicine ball on the market is capable of withstanding the same amount of high impact force production as this tank.

small medicine ball
Mini Ball

The Dynamax Mini medicine ball has the same high quality construction of the regular Dynamax balls, but is only 10” in diameter.  Perfect for youth training, single-arm work, and sport specific programming, the Mini is available in weights ranging from 2lb-6lbs.