Medicine ball vs slam ball – Which should I try first?

At first glance, medicine balls and slam balls look quite alike. They tend to be a similar size and are often used for similar purposes, but the reality is that their construction and design differs tremendously. 

If you’re considering investing in one of these products but aren’t sure which to go for, this guide should help you out. In general, which ball is right for you comes down to personal preference and your individual goals. Many of our customers start out with one and end up with both, however. Find out more about the differences between these two products below. 

Are medicine balls and slam balls the same?

Medicine and slam balls are not the same. Although they are both used for strength training and look similar, their compositions are different.

Differences between a medicine ball and a slam ball

There are significant differences between a medicine ball and a slam ball. They are both round and often shoulder-width wide, so they can safely be used for building physical strength. Yet, the slam ball is hard and is typically used for slamming to build power (hence the name). By contrast, a medicine ball is more commonly used for core and power training, and isn’t designed to be thrown aggressively against any hard surface. The softer core of medicine balls makes them safer to use for bodyweight exercises, but means that slamming or intensive outdoor use on hard surfaces is off the table. 

Medicine balls are designed to be used for core training and resistance, which is great if you want to build body strength and muscle. If, on the other hand, you want to build speed and power in your upper body, slam balls are ideal. 

Although slam balls are harder inside, they’re not necessarily heavier than medicine balls. Both come in a wide variety of different weights, intended for users of varying fitness levels. 

Can you use a slam ball in place of a medicine ball?

You can use a slam ball in place of a medicine ball, especially if the workout is more aggressive and intense. 

Slam balls won’t break as easily, as they are dense and can withstand more pressure when thrown against something. Medicine balls aren’t suitable for slamming for this reason, although they’re ideal for practically every other style of workout. For this reason, most of our customers start out with a medicine ball and invest in a slam ball a little later on.