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Dynamax Medicine Ball

More About Dynamax…

Dynamax was founded by two coaches who identified a gap in the market for specialist exercise balls which were strong enough to withstand high impact workouts but soft enough to not injure your partner whilst training. The Dynamax ball exceeds these requirements and has become the preferred choice for athletes for over 30 years.

All balls are 14” in diameter, moisture resistant and are made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials. Both design and construction ensure that they will remain dimensionally stable and balanced even after years of use. Our trade secret and craftsmanship guarantee that each ball, regardless of weight, has a friendly feel and will absorb high-velocity impact, making for a fun and vigorous workout.

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How to Use Medicine Balls?

From chest passes to rotations, there are many ways to use this fitness tool during your workouts. To help you get the most out of your mighty medicine ball, we’ve created a list of our favorite exercises with steps and videos to get you started.

What Weight Should I Choose?

The key rule when choosing a weight is that the ball should be heavy enough to provide resistance, but not so heavy as to alter the structure and speed of the selected movement. 4, 6 and 8 lb balls will work for any participant. Even though the resistance is the same, the speed will increase with the strength, size and power of the individual. Heavy medicine balls are used where slower, more strength related exercises are featured.

We have over 7 different types of weighted balls to meet your fitness goals as well as creating a fun and effective workout no matter your level. The Dynamax ball is not only reliable and enjoyable to use, but environmentally friendly too – making it the perfect essential for your exercise sessions!

Hannah Eden Medicine Ball

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Order Information

Please keep in mind that customers are only allowed to order 50 balls at a time. For orders exceeding 50 balls, please contact us directly at

Don’t see a color or color combination you like? Contact us directly to see how we can assist you. Please note that the color of our Dynamax balls may look different than what you see on your computer screen on a real product.

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Turnaround time for recently placed orders is dependent on quantity and ball type (color/weight). For orders of < 50 balls, it typically takes 1-3 business days before the order is shipped. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that includes tracking information. If you have any other questions regarding lead-time, please send an email to


  • Customers are only allowed to buy 50 balls at a time. For orders more than 50 balls, please contact us direct.
  • A volume discount will apply to 20+ ball orders for 20% off – excludes overstock and accessories.
  • If you do not see a color or color combination, please contact us direct.
  • Please note that color of ball may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor.
  • Coupons cannot be combined or additionally applied to overstock items and accessories.
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  • 18 reviews for Standard Medicine Ball

    1. Customer

      They have these at my gym and really wanted one for myself. So happy with my purchase.

    2. Customer

      Just what i would expect from Dynamax! The weight and quality are excellent.

    3. Customer

      I bought this a month ago and use it with my clients again a rebounder, floor, wall etc. 10 lbs is perfect. I know I’ll buy another.

    4. Klean

      I bought this a month ago and use it with my clients again a rebounder, floor, wall etc. 10 lbs is perfect. I know I’ll buy another.

    5. Kevin H

      These Medicine balls are great to use outside or on a rebounder. Soft on your hands and well made.

    6. lalo Z

      Has worked well with people who find catching the hard rubber balls difficult. Dynamax balls are stuffed with a nice cloth like material that provides a great bounce back from floor or walls. Can withstand the force from athletes if thrown on floor or wall, I have yet to see one completely tear open on impact. If there is a weighted ball that needs to be in your tool box, its the Dynamax ball.

    7. Yolo F

      I have used a few different types if med balls and these hold up and work the best.

    8. Nicholas S

      These medicine balls are decent, and they have their place in the fitness industry. However, if you’re dealing with a lot of volume of clients each day as I am, and use the medicine balls a lot they wear down easier. I definitely will look into purchasing something more durable next time around.

    9. Diana J

      Fringe had the best offer on the Dynamax. I ordered it on Cyber Monday and received it within one week. Love it. Very versatile and have been employing it into both my and my clients’ workouts. The older clients like the larger, softer feel and are more comfortable in handling the ball. Younger clients and I are using it as an additional supplemen Read more aboutt to improving functional power and velocity but also enjoy the safer, softer feel of the ball. Also, I like the fact that it has an “in-between” bounce of say, a power elite bouncing ball, & a no-bounce D-ball. Finally, I originally debated whether to try a 6lb or 8 lb ball but after using it for about a week now, the 6 lb provides a perfectly challenging workout to all of my clients.

    10. Caroline S.

      This 8lb ball is my first medicine ball, and I love it! I like that it’s US made. The webbing can be a little sharp, which calls for added mindfulness, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    11. Anna R

      Dynamax the best of the best
      Shipping was free and fast. Great price for a Dynamax. Will be buying the Fringe V4 to see how it compares to Dynamax.

    12. Ed H.

      Rubber heads are already cracking. Only used twice

    13. Jim D

      25lbs Dynamax Wall Ball
      Review by Jim D. on 20 Jul 2016This is a great product. It is exactly what I wanted. When it comes down off the wall it is balanced and does not try to pull one way or the other like other Wall Balls. I use this in my garage gym and toss it against a brick wall. The material is tough and it should serve me well for years to come.

    14. Monette

      Am happywith this perches its grestit’s great for excersises

    15. Retired

      Perfect weight for a strong but slight lady.

    16. Jerad A

      Hands down the most personable company I’ve ever dealt with. Definitely will be working with them again!

    17. John Marshall

      Dynamax is the only way to go, I have went with cheaper ones trying to save money and the material is not even close…most are too slick of a material for gripping as in wall ball etc…

    18. Amazon Customer

      Awesome ball!

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