To Slam or Not to Slam? Why You Should Add Slam Balls to Your Workout

Slamming exercises have become an easy, go-to movement pattern that can build endurance, boost your metabolism, and make you a more powerful athlete.

The question is, what to slam? Too often, we see slams being performed with balls that have too great of a rebound response, like hard and soft shell medicine balls. The result is a shoulder dominant exercise that can result in poor posture and limit the positive training effect.

An even greater risk when performing slams with high rebounding balls is that it can strike the user in the face, or injure hands and fingers if thrown with the force needed to truly benefit from this move.

If this is an exercise you like to add to your workouts slam balls like the Dynamax D-ball, have limited rebound and encourage you to use your legs and posterior chain to lift the ball overhead with each rep. This makes it a total body exercise firing muscles in the legs, back, shoulders, arms, and core.

The slam ball is a form of medicine ball designed to be thrown with force against a reinforced wall, or into the ground. Some designs are suitable for using outdoors and against rough surfaces, including the Dynamax D-ball which has weights ranging from 6lb – 150lbs.

Lighter weights are ideal for building explosive speed and tapping into fast twitch type II muscle fibers, while the heavier weights will slow the movement resulting in more of a strength training effect.

What are the benefits of using slam balls?

Increase muscle density

Building muscle in itself brings a whirlwind of benefits for your body. Tapping into larger, fast twitch muscle fibers helps you burn fat as it revs up your metabolism.

Enhance athletic performance

Varying your workouts is known to be a powerful aid in enhancing athletic performance. Adding slam patterns to your routine will give you or your client an easy way to tap into the often neglected fast twitch fibers that are key in building athleticism, and important for any level of fitness.

Speed up your metabolism

Firing fast twitch, highly metabolic muscle fiber, while activating more overall muscle when performing slams is a great way to help reduce body fat.

Improve cardiovascular health

Enhancing the health of your heart and circulatory system has multiple benefits. Not only can it help decrease the risk of developing certain diseases, it can also boost your mental capacity and concentration levels. The better your heart is able to pump blood around your body, the more oxygen and energy you will receive.

Give your mental health a boost

If your fitness routine has plateaued, a slam ball could be just the thing you need to wake your body up and challenge yourself. If your body feels good, you’re more likely to feel good in your mind, too. With the cardiovascular benefits, you can also enhance your mental clarity and ability to focus.

Not all slam balls are created equal. The Dynamax D-Ball is built with the same quality and integrity associated with the Dynamax Medicine Ball brand for decades. The D-Ball’s design makes it a perfect tool for your high-power outdoor workouts. Get your’s from Dynamax today.