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Dynamax Education

Dynamax Education

Discover how the Dynamax Medicine Ball can be used to train and integrate all 10 general physical skills through revolutionary programming that focuses on force summation and movement integration. Dynamax offers a 5-hour CEU Coach Course throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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Why Dynamax

The Dynamax Difference

The Dynamax Difference

Why choose Dynamax Medicine Balls over any other medicine ball? Dynamax Medicine Balls were developed by two coaches specifically to train the ten general physical skills. Dynamax has been tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels. Dynamax was designed by athletes, for athletes.


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Asia Fitness Convention

Event Type: Tradeshows
Date: Oct 10 - 12, 2014
Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Transatlantic Munich Coach Course

Event Type: Dynamax Coach Course
Date: Oct 11, 2014
Location: Munich, Germany



Gold’s Gym Coach Course Maryland

Event Type: Dynamax Coach Course
Date: Oct 23, 2014
Location: Frederick, MD 21703

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