Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball workouts for beginners to professional athletes

Welcome to our hub of medicine ball exercises and medicine ball workouts – the perfect place to source your fitness motivation. Get tips, drill ideas and exercises inspiration for your next WOD or general workout routine.

Medicine ball exercises and medicine ball workouts

We here at Dynamax believe that a medicine ball is the perfect tool to accompany any workout, and produce all-around results. It encourages muscle growth, strength, impervious cardiovascular and balance… Did we mention it also looks great?

The Dynamax Medicine Ball is a versatile tool that comes in many different sizes and weights, making it the perfect workout partner – one you can use anywhere: in the gym, home workouts, outside on the beach or park, whilst out on the road, in locker rooms, and of course in CrossFit boxes.

Explore our range of workouts below and take your training #ToTheMax.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball Training Basics

Answer all of your Dynamax Training questions from choosing the right equipment and weight to the value of movement-based training.

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Medicine Ball Training

Medicine Ball Exercises & Drills

Try some of the most popular Dynamax Medicine Ball exercises. You will find descriptions on proper setup and technique as well as photos and videos showing you how these exercises should be executed.

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Medicine Ball Training

Authorized Performance Centers

There are a number of Dynamax authorized performance centers and programs in the US and Europe. Find one in your region!

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Dynamax Coach Training

Continuing Education Workshops

Dynamax offers continuing education courses that will introduce you to high-velocity medicine ball training for individuals, groups, and athletes. Discover how the Dynamax Med Ball can be used to train and integrate all 10 physical skills and learn revolutionary programming that focuses on force summation and movement integration.

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medicine ball training

Find A Coach

Looking for a Dynamax Coach in your region? Search our list of folks that have completed our educational programs.

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Master Trainer Dynamax

Master Trainers

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Can Dynamax Medicine Balls be slammed?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. One of the conventional, commonly-performed, and even traditional, exercises to perform with a medicine ball is a slam. However, we strongly encourage users to not slam their Dynamax Medicine Balls on the floor.

We create our medicine balls a little bit different from the norm – with nature to not injure hands. Slamming your Dynamax Medicine Ball (even the Elite and Elite ‘MMA’ ranges) causes material alteration, which can potentially damage the balls infrastructure and ultimately misshapen the ball. It’s now part of our policy where slamming a Dynamax Medicine Ball can affect (and even void) your warranty.

Wall Balls of any variety are encouraged, as well as Medicine Ball Tosses, however, Medicine Ball Slams are not.