Mini Medicine Ball


The Small Medicine Ball That Makes a Big Impact

The Mini Medicine Ball may be small, but it sure does pack a punch! Built with the same high-quality construction as the Standard Medicine Ball, the Dynamax Mini Medicine Ball is perfect for youth training, single-arm workouts and sport-specific programming. The Mini med ball is just 10” in diameter and is available in weights ranging from 2–14lbs. Buy a 2lb medicine ball or 5lb medicine ball to take your workouts #ToTheMax!


Improve Your Fitness Routine with Our Medicine Ball

Why Buy a Mini Medicine Ball?

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a small medicine ball, but we’ll give you five to get you started.

Versatility of Medicine Ball Workouts & Exercises

Not only can small medicine balls reinvigorate your daily fitness routine, they can also help to strengthen all key muscle groups; talk about versatile! Use a suitable weighted med ball to take your squats to the next level or build some serious abs by spicing up your lunges with chest twists and an 8lb medicine ball. Need some inspo? View our extensive range of full-body Dynamax workouts and exercises and hit the gym with your 2lb medicine ball in tow!

Athlete Tested & Approved

Top-level athletes are no strangers to using small medicine balls to enhance their speed, accuracy and overall sports performance. A medicine ball can replicate complex sporting actions, such as anticipating blows to the stomach in boxing, making them the perfect choice when looking to improve body positioning.

Enhanced Physical Fitness

Whether you are looking to develop your power and explosiveness or improve your coordination and balance, a 2 or 5lb medicine ball is an essential piece of equipment. You will burn more calories, work more muscles and see greater day-to-day improvements all while working hard and having fun.

Ready to get to work? Of course you are! We recommend that med ball novices buy a 2lb medicine ball to start with and slowly progress up the weights. For those of you who are more experienced, buy a 5lb medicine ball or heavier and show us what you got. Buy a Dynamax Mini Medicine Ball today!

How to Use Medicine Balls?

From chest passes to rotations, there are many ways to use this fitness tool during your workouts. To help you get the most out of your mighty medicine ball, we’ve created a list of our favorite exercises with steps and videos to get you started.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in

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Delivery Information

Turnaround time for recently placed orders is dependent on quantity and ball type (color/weight). For orders of < 20 balls, it typically takes 1-3 business days before the order is shipped. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that includes tracking information. If you have any other questions regarding lead-time, please send an email to

Product Discounts

Take 15% off orders of 10-20 balls – excludes overstock and accessories
Coupons can not be combined or additionally applied to overstock items and accessories.

Order Information

Please keep in mind that customers are only allowed to order 20 balls at a time. For orders exceeding 20 balls, please contact us directly at
Don’t see a color or color combination you like? Contact us directly to see how we can assist you. Please note that the color of our Dynamax balls may look different than what you see on your computer screen on a real product.


* Customers are only allowed to buy 20 balls at a time. For orders more than 20 balls, please contact us direct.
* A volume discount will apply to 10-20 ball orders for 15% off – excludes overstock and accessories.
* If you do not see a color or color combination, please contact us direct.
* Please note that color of ball may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor.
*Coupons cannot be combined or additionally applied to overstock items and accessories.
*Customers can only ship to domestic U.S. via website NOT including Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico, please contact us direct for shipping limitations/inquires.
*Direct inquiries can be placed on our about page or emailed to


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