Dynamax Coach Course


Dynamax Coach Course


Date: October 19th

Time: 9AM-2PM


Outright Fitness

15508 Bratton Ln #625

Austin, TX 78728


Price: $199

Discounted to: $149 until October 1st

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Course Detail:


The Dynamax Coach course will teach the fundamentals of Dynamax Medicine Ball movement-based training. Instructors will explore the history of the medicine ball and teach coaches how to apply Dynamax medicine ball exercises to target and develop the 10 Physical Skills in their athletes.  Attendees will also learn the essentials of program design, cueing, coaching techniques, and how to assess sport specific movement patterns to apply the appropriate medicine ball exercises.  Participants will learn 30+ new Dynamax exercises that include partner and solo applications.

Course Objectives:

  1. Distinguish the difference between Dynamax movement-based medicine ball training and traditional medicine ball training.
  2. Comprehend how to select, program, and coach Dynamax medicine ball exercises for athletes.
  3. Recognize how to identify sport specific movement patterns and how to create programming based on these movement assessments.
  4. Learn how to integrate Dynamax Medicine Ball training into current periodization.

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