The Dynamax Difference

Why choose Dynamax Medicine Balls over any other medicine ball? Dynamax Medicine Balls were developed by two coaches specifically to train the ten general physical skills. Dynamax has been tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels. Dynamax was designed by athletes, for athletes.

The Brand

Dynamax is Established: Dynamax has over 25 years of market and manufacturing know-how.

Dynamax is Recognized: Dynamax is used by over 90% of all NFL, NBA and MLB teams.

Dynamax is Designed for Performance: Dynamax was designed by coaches for athletes.

Dynamax is Best-in-Class: Dynamax is hand-made in America using 70% post-consumer materials.

Dynamax is more than a medicine ball: Dynamax offers CEU approved education and programming for industry professionals.

The Design


  • The 14inch diameter keeps the body in neutral spine. Smaller diameter balls cause the shoulder girdle to pronate, which pulls the body out of neutral spine and decreases biomechanical efficiency.
    • Neutral spine = max stability
    • Max stability = max power

Impact Absorbing:

  • The cored construction shields the users from impact allowing trainees to throw the ball with maximum velocity and horsepower without risk of injury.


  • Individually hand-made, the balls are designed and manufactured to maintain dimensional stability so that over weeks, months and years of use the load will remain centered and the ball will not wobble.