Medicine Ball Exercises

Everything from continuing education courses to just reminding yourself of the basic exercises. Train like an athlete!

Medicine Ball Training Basics

Answer all of your Dynamax Training questions from choosing the right equipment and weight to the value of movement-based training.

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Medicine Ball Exercises & Drills

Try some of the most popular Dynamax Medicine Ball exercises. You will find descriptions on proper setup and technique as well as photos and videos showing you how these exercises should be executed.

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Continuing Education Workshops

Dynamax offers continuing education courses that will introduce you to high-velocity medicine ball training for individuals, groups, and athletes. Discover how the Dynamax Med Ball can be used to train and integrate all 10 physical skills and learn revolutionary programming that focuses on force summation and movement integration.

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Find A Coach

Looking for a Dynamax Coach in your region? Search our list of folks that have completed our educational programs.

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Master Trainer

Master Trainers

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