Can You Use Dynamax For Medicine Ball Slams?

Many of our customers want to know whether our Dynamax medicine balls can be slammed or not, and the short answer is NO.

Considered a traditional exercise by many fitness fanatics, a medicine ball slam involves forcefully throwing the ball to the ground from above your head. Although our balls are designed to absorb high-velocity impact, slamming them can actually damage their structure over time, potentially misshaping your ball as a result.

Please bear in mind that our two year Dynamax warranty now becomes void should damage occur to your med ball by slamming. While we don’t recommend slamming, there are loads of great alternative exercises you can try, including throws and rotation passes.

We have a range of suitable workouts and drills to improve your whole body strength:

  • Sit-up throw
  • Log toss
  • Wall underhand throw
  • Double-knee strike

Made in Austin, Texas, our medicine balls are great for improving your speed, core strength, and body coordination. Our products allow you to do workouts from the comfort of your home, whether you’re on your own or with a partner. Suitable for both light or high-intensity training, Dynamax has been trusted by elite athletes for over 30 years, including NFL, NBA, MLB teams.

We offer a range of ball sizes and weights to suit you, as well as training advice and inspiration on our website. Fun, cost-efficient, and versatile, discover the perfect medicine ball and workout routine for you today.