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Distributor Education

Dynamax Medicine Balls Introduction:

Dynamax Foundations

10 General Physical Skills & Fast Twitch

Pay Off & Force Summation V1

Pay Off & Force Summation V2 (Log Toss, Chest Pass, & OH Throw Demo)

Pay Off / Serape Effect / Tri-Phasic Muscle Action

Coach-Athlete Relatiosnhip/ Sit-Up Throw Set Up

Cornerstone 1: Rotation (Basic Rotation)

Alt (High Tall Rotation Against Wall)

Cornerstone 2: Locomotion (High Knees March)

Alt (Standing High-Tall March)

Cornerstone 3: Groundwork (Sit Up Throw)

Alt (Full Sit Up Throw)

Alt (Sit Up Throw Against Wall)

Programming Options

Series (Outdoor)

Dynamax Destroyer (AMRAP Challenge)

Solo Options

Squat Release

Combo (Power Pattern: Low-High-Mid Combo Against Wall)

Wall Combo (Rotation and High-Low Throw)