Battle of the Fitness Videos: Who Won?

If you follow our social media feeds, then you probably noticed that we posted some pretty impressive videos of athletes working out with Dynamax med balls during the month of November. Whether you watched Jeremy Shore bust out burpees or Hannah Eden sidestep worries with her Core Complex workout, you saw fitness gurus working toward their goals in exhilarating style. The question remains though: Who captured Dynamax fans attention more?

Drum roll, please…..It was Michael Chandler! Michael’s video received 668 views when posted on our feed as #MondayMotivation. He batted away negative energy with his Dynamax medicine ball and showed fans what hard work looks like.

Watch his video below to see what you missed and see how you can be featured on our social media pages next. Simply tag us in your photos or videos to show us what you got.

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