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MMA Cardio Workout with Michael Chandler

Thursday, Jul 5, 2018

This month, we focus on a workout that you can do with a partner or alone – inspired by Welterweight MMA star Michael Chandler. For a fast-paced, fat-burning workout that’s guaranteed to get you sweating and puffing for air, you’re in the right place.

“If you want cardio… train cardio with Jeremy Holt of AthElite”, says Dynamax sponsored athlete, Michael Chandler. The Bellator MMA fighter pushes himself with every workout, even after a unanimous decision victory in his latest bout against Goiti Yamauchi in January, ‘Iron’ Michael doesn’t take his foot off the pedal.

“I get asked all the time why I focus so much on strength and conditioning. It’s simple, it makes me happy, healthy and harder to kill. I push myself to the limit in every aspect of my training… I feel like I’m becoming a better athlete. A stronger human. A more dynamic vessel.”

So what does it take to become a lean, mean fighting machine? Try this one out inspired by the Welterweight fighter.

Michael Chandler MMA Cardio Workout

Sets: 4
Rest: 90 seconds

Jogging/Medicine Ball Catch

60 seconds
Jog on the spot and have your partner throw your Dynamax medicine ball towards you, catch it and throw it back, rotating which side you swing. If you are training alone, throw your medicine ball up and catch it centrally before jogging again.

Medicine Ball Jumps

60 seconds
Perform squat jumps whilst holding your medicine ball for the alloted time. Jump either in a straight row or, if you do not have the space, up onto a bench.

Wall Underhand Throw

60 seconds
Begin this exercise facing a smooth reinforced wall with the Dynamax ball off of one hip. In one powerful movement extend the ankles, knees, and hips while simultaneously performing a unilateral underhand throw (bowl) toward the wall on a slightly higher than horizontal plane. Catch the rebound and immediately perform the underhand throw off the opposite hip, bending the knees to help absorb impact.

Tell us how your legs are feeling after that? Once you’ve caught your breath that is.

“It was a band resisted, legs chopping, Dynamax tossing, broad jumping good time.”

He concluded his workout saying, “thought of the day – if you want your body to perform at optimal levels you have to give it what it needs, don’t stop at what the mind wants. Go get it today!” We couldn’t agree more.

Think you’ve got what it takes to step into the octagon with Michael Chandler? Take the first steps by recreating this workout with his signature Dynamax Elite MMA Leather Medicine Ball. Be sure to send us your videos through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.