Let’s not beat around the bush, our girl Hannah Eden is a certified badass! She couldn’t keep her secrets bottled up - so she’s released an eBook featuring all of her training secrets, nutrition tips and lifestyle choices. FOCUS is all about getting you to where you want to be and being the best version of yourself.

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Teaming up with Dynamax, Hannah is ready to take the fitness world by storm. Are you going to join her on this fitness journey? We’re honored to collaborate with her and present to you her very own medicine ball - perfect to take to the gym or have at hand for home workouts as you follow her workout program.

The FOCUS plan includes:

  • 70 workouts
  • 90 day meal plan
  • Supplement guide
  • Video tutorials and coaching
  • Private Facebook group
  • Instant download

MONTH 1 | Learn + Focus - MONTH 2 | Build + Evolve - MONTH 3 | Trim + Release

Order your very own special edition Hannah Eden medicine ball today and join the FOCUS movement

Please contact us via telephone +1 (737) 203 8794 or email orders@medicineballs.com should you have any additional inquires.