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Reebok Medicine Ball

The Dynamax Reebok Medicine Ball Collaboration

Reebok fans, listen up! This customized medicine ball has been especially designed for you using the same fantastic construction as our Standard Medicine Ball. We’re thrilled to partner with one of the world’s biggest fitness pioneers to bring you the exclusive Dynamax Reebok Medicine Ball. Designed using the same stand-out red as the Reebok brand, you’ll turn heads when working out with this personalized Dynamax med ball. Available in weights from 4-30 pounds, you’ll quickly find that we have the size you need to improve your overall balance and strength. Buy yours now!


Improve Your Fitness Routine with Our Medicine Ball

About Reebok

Reebok was officially launched in 1958 and currently stands as an American-inspired fitness global brand. Reebok is a proud part of the Adidas Group and aims to be the best fitness brand in the world after moving away from being a traditional sports company. Reebok believes that fitness is for every BODY and that leading an active life betters you mentally, physically and socially. The Reebok brand is daring and always ready to push the boundaries to achieve greatness, making them the perfect partner for us!

Reebok Logo

Why Buy a Dynamax Reebok Medicine Ball?

We may be biased, but we firmly believe that the Dynamax Reebok Medicine Ball is one of the best medicine balls on the market today. Don’t believe us? Check out the stats below for some convincing reasons why you should buy a Reebok Medicine Ball today!

Dynamax medicine balls are sold in over 20 countries.
Dynamax med balls are used by 90% of all NFL, NBA and MLB players.
Dynamax med balls have been the product of choice for elite athletes for over 30 years.
Our products are popular with CrossFit-affiliated boxers.
Dynamax medicine balls are all manufactured using 70% post-consumer materials, making our products environmentally friendly and durable!

Not to mention…

Dynamax medicine balls are moisture resistant and durable enough to withstand high impact and velocity, partner-based medicine ball training.
Our medicine balls train all 10 general physical skills and allows athletes to train outside of the weight room.

The time has come. Buy a Reebok Medicine Ball today to take your next workout #ToTheMax!

How to Use Medicine Balls?

From chest passes to rotations, there are many ways to use this fitness tool during your workouts. To help you get the most out of your mighty medicine ball, we’ve created a list of our favorite exercises with steps and videos to get you started.

Delivery Information

Turnaround time for recently placed orders is dependent on quantity and ball type (color/weight). For orders of < 20 balls, it typically takes 1-3 business days before the order is shipped. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that includes tracking information. If you have any other questions regarding lead-time, please send an email to

Product Discounts

Take 15% off orders of 10-20 balls – excludes overstock and accessories
Coupons can not be combined or additionally applied to overstock items and accessories.

Order Information

Please keep in mind that customers are only allowed to order 20 balls at a time. For orders exceeding 20 balls, please contact us directly at
Don’t see a color or color combination you like? Contact us directly to see how we can assist you. Please note that the color of our Dynamax balls may look different than what you see on your computer screen on a real product.


* Customers are only allowed to buy 20 balls at a time. For orders more than 20 balls, please contact us direct.
* A volume discount will apply to 10-20 ball orders for 15% off – excludes overstock and accessories.
* If you do not see a color or color combination, please contact us direct.
* Please note that color of ball may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor.
*Coupons cannot be combined or additionally applied to overstock items and accessories.
*Customers can only ship to domestic U.S. via website NOT including Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico, please contact us direct for shipping limitations/inquires.
*Direct inquiries can be placed on our about page or emailed to


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