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The Dynamax Coach Course will introduce you to high-velocity medicine ball training for individuals, groups, and athletes. Discover how the Dynamax Medicine Ball is used to train the ten general physical skills and learn revolutionary programming that focuses on movement integration and force-summation. We developed our CEU approved courses (NASM/ACE/NSCA) through 35 years of working with the top collegiate and professional sports programs.

Dynamax Coach Course

5 hour course – .5/5 CEC Approved: ACE, NASM, NSCA, ACSM

You will learn:
  • The history and benefits of Medicine Ball Training training
  • 30+ exercises that range from general fitness to more sport specific
  • 5 different programming formats including Partner, Solo and Group Training applications
  • Rotational, locomotive and ground based exercises to target and develop the ten general physical skills
  • Cueing and coaching techniques for general and sport specific patterns
  • Heavy ball application

Held by: Jeremy Shore

Date: October 19th 2019

Location: Outright Fitness, 15508 Bratton Ln #625, Austin, TX 78728.

Contact: Sammy Ramos 512.851.6290



$149 if registered by October 1st 2019

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