The Dynamax “Foundations” DVD will introduce you to revolutionary partner based high-velocity exercises along with simple programming tools to get the most out of your Dynamax Medicine Ball – unleashing your potential as a trainer, coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast.

Dynamax Medicine Ball Training for Cycling will teach cyclists practical and transferable skills to improve hand-eye coordination, mobility, and stability- all important components when it comes to an efficient and powerful pedal stroke along with exercises to improve stamina and cardiovascular endurance.


  • Medicine Ball Warm Ups
  • Reactive Wall Series
  • Dynamic Training Sequences
  • Circuit Workouts

Todd Herriott, CSCS, is the founder of Herriott Sports Performance in Seattle, WA where he specializes in strength and conditioning for cyclists. Todd works with amateur, age group, and professional cyclists and has worked as the conditioning consultant to the 2011 Tour De France-winning BMC Professional Cycling Team. Todd rode domestically for the Health Net and Colavita pro cycling teams and was featured as the 2002 Velonews Amateur of the Year.

Learn the concepts and considerations necessary to develop fun, effective programs for the Autism and Special Needs Population utilizing the Dynamax Medicine Ball. This course will cover the skills necessary to begin creating fitness and Adaptive P.E. sessions for individuals and groups.


  • Dynamics of catching
  • Circle Toss Game w/ Progressions
  • Big 5 Movement Patterns
  • Parallel-Competitive Activities

Coach Eric Chessen, M.S., is the Founder of Autism Fitness. Eric is a exercise physiologist with an extensive academic and clinical background in Applied Behavior Analysis. Eric consults with parents, educators, fitness professionals, and therapists worldwide to develop fitness and active play programs for the Autism and Special Needs Population.

Stores up to 8 Dynamax Medicine Balls. This rack is the perfect solution to get your over sized medicine balls off of the floor. This attractive rack holds 8 Dynamax medicine balls in a safe and secure manner. The space saving design allows users to retrieve a ball from any angle. 66″T x 21.5″W x 35.5″L. Gray. Dynamax Medicine Balls not included.

Keep your oversized Dynamax balls off the floor and out of the way with the 3 Tier Mega Medicine Ball Rack. This rack holds up to twelve 14 inch diameter Dynamax balls at one time! It can be easily moved to accommodate when your product is needed or pushed out of the way for added floor space in your gym or box.


  • Hold up to twelve 14 inch diameter medicine balls
  • Casters for easy movement
  • 63.5″ L x 16.5″ W 43″ H