Hannah Eden Medicine Ball

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How To Work With Our Medicine Balls

Get the most out of your medicine ball training from the get-go with our collection of training videos. Whatever your training style, we can help you locate a local performance center or Dynamax coach. We’ve even created step-by-step drills so you can train in the comfort of your own home.

What Size Dynamax Medicine Ball Should I Buy?

From 8Ib to 30Ibs, the Hannah ball is suitable for beginners and more experienced medicine ball athletes.

Why Buy a Hannah Eden Medicine Ball?

We had to dedicate a medicine ball to one of our top influencers, and with an eye-catching ruby-red color you can train and perform in style. Made to Dynamax’s rigorous design spec, you can have the perfect combination of a high-quality medicine ball that looks great.

Individually made right here in the US, our high-quality leather medicine balls are made for high impact, high speed and high-intensity training.

Why Choose Dynamax?

We’ve helped athletes across America boost their confidence and performance with medicine ball training. See what our customers have to say about the Dynamax Hannah edition.

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