Double-Knee Strike

This exercise combines the sit-up throw with two alternating single leg strikes of the ball to the mid thigh, followed by a double leg strike. If you’re a beginner, try a lighter 4lb or 5lb medicine ball, for the more advanced trainer, try a 20lb medicine ball.

Watch our video below for a demonstration.


How to Do a Double Knee Strike

Step 1 – The coach initiates the movement by tossing the ball over the athlete’s head.

Step 2 – The athlete extends fully to the ground, taps the ball overhead, and executes two alternating unilateral strikes of the ball to the mid thigh, extending back to tap the ball to the ground between each strike.

Step 3 – The athlete then executes a double leg strike, and extends to tap the ball to the ground again.

Step 4 – Finally, the athlete completes the exercise with a sit-up throw.

Step 5 – The head remains on the ground throughout all knee strikes until the final sit-up throw.

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