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Lunge, twist, throw – however you like to move, the 12lb Medicine Ball enhances your muscle tone and strength. How? By adding weight to your movements, your muscles have to work that little bit harder. This turns explosive, high-velocity movements into stronger muscles. it gets your heart pumping and your body working! The Dynamax Medicine Ball is crafted with a high quality outer shell that is soft enough on the hands but durable enough to withstand repeated impacts.

Suitable for upper body, lower body, core and full body training, this medicine ball offers everything you need. Work on your own in the comfort of your own home or get in the gym with a training partner. However you like to exercise, Dynamax can help you supercharge your workouts.

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12lb Medicine Ball Training

How to Choose the Right Medicine Ball

Choosing the right medicine ball is important. Before committing to your purchase, you’ll want to know that the 12lb Medicine Ball is right for you.

The 12lb weighted ball is particularly good for upper and lower-body exercises. You should choose the ball according to the weight you can load. You want to be able to feel resistance without having your movement restricted. As you improve, you can increase the weight of the exercise ball.

If you’re a complete beginner, a 10lb medicine ball or lighter might be more suitable. But, if you’re looking to start boosting your strength further or are already experienced with strength training, the 12lb medicine ball is ideal.

Lighter varieties such as the 6 or 8lb medicine balls have their place too – they can help improve speed, agility and accuracy. When you’re starting out or trying a new drill, they’re also great for perfecting technique.

The 12lb Medicine Ball is available in standard size which is 14″ in diameter.

Tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels, Dynamax are dedicated to helping more people get active.

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A person is throwing a Dynamax medicine ball

How To Use Medicine Balls

Wondering how to make the most of an 8lb medicine ball? Our informative training hub includes a variety of exercises and routines you can try at home. Whatever your skill and fitness level, there are so many ways to take advantage of the power of our medicine balls.

And when you’ve worked through all of the ideas on our website, head over to our social media feeds to see what our customers have been up to – we regularly share new workout ideas and tips provided by our friendly community.

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Why Choose Dynamax

  • Exclusive discounts – take 20% off orders of 20+ balls
  • Consistent quality – withstands high-velocity impacts
  • No.1 choice for elite athletes, including NFL, NBA and MLB teams
  • Kind to the environment – up to 70% post-consumer materials
  • 2-year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy should med ball throws be?

Med ball throws can be as heavy as you can handle. However, for speed, accuracy and unrestricted motion, we’d recommend using a lighter weight when performing throwing drills. 4-12 pounds is recommended.

What size medicine ball should a man use?

Men should start with a 6-12 pound medicine ball.

What size medicine ball should a woman use?

When starting out we recommend that women use a 4-8 pound medicine ball.

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