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Exercise & Drills to Get the Most out of Your Medicine Ball

If you’ve never used a medicine ball during your workout then you’re missing out! Dynamax balls have long been trusted to enhance your exercise and help you take it #ToTheMax. From Russian Twists to Chest Passes, we’ve selected the best of the best when it comes to getting the most out of our Dynamax Ball. We’ve selected our favourite exercises below to help you get through your workout and smash your fitness goals.


Bilateral Chest Pass

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO The Coach begins by passing the ball into the athlete’s outstretched arms. The athlete brings the ball to their chest while taking a step and simultaneously leaning back, placing a stretch on the trunk. As the lead foot touches the ground the athlete begins the throwing action, driving off […]

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Double-Knee Strike

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO This exercise combines the sit-up throw with two alternating single leg strikes of the ball to the mid thigh, followed by a double leg strike. The coach initiates the movement by tossing the ball over the athlete’s head. The athlete extends fully to the ground, taps the ball overhead, […]

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Hammer Rotations

The exercises provided in our education section are simply the basics. Besides the obvious advantages from a physiologic, practical, and enjoyment standpoint, movement-based training is also adaptable.

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Iso Chest Pass

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO The coach stands with feet shoulder-width apart and the seated athlete externally rotates their outstretched legs to hook their feet behind the ankles of the coach. The athlete leans back, placing tension on the trunk. The coach passes the ball toward the chest of the athlete who receives it […]

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Log Toss

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO The athlete begins the exercise by stepping directly over the ball with it positioned between the ankles. The athlete squats down and places one hand on either side of the ball. In one powerful movement the athlete extends at the ankle, knee, and hip joints while simultaneously lifting ball […]

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Sit-Up Throw

CLICK THE ABOVE IMAGE TO SEE VIDEO The athlete begins seated on the floor, legs extended, with the coach positioned at the feet of the athlete in a split stance. The coach initiates the movement by tossing the ball just above the head of the athlete. The athlete’s trunk loads eccentrically while lowering completely to […]

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Hammer Rotation

Wall Hammer Rotation

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, approximately a body length away from a smooth reinforced wall. Initiate the movement by throwing the ball slightly higher than the horizontal plane against the wall. Catch the rebound with open hands and extended arms, then wrap the ball around your head […]

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Forward Rotation

Wall Underhand Throw

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO Begin this exercise facing a smooth reinforced wall with the Dynamax ball off of one hip. Initiate the movement by pushing the hips back while slightly flexing at the knees and ankles. In one powerful movement extend the ankles, knees, and hips while simultaneously performing a unilateral underhand throw […]

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