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As a weighted ball, the 16lb medicine ball is super effective for core, rotational and ballistic training. If you’re ready to take explosive fitness training to the next level, Dynamax is the No.1 choice for elite athletes, including NFL, NBA and MLB teams.

Handmade in the USA from 70% recycled materials, Dynamax balls are soft and easy to grip on the outside, but built to withstand high-velocity impacts. Dynamax balls absorb impact, meaning you use more strength to keep it moving – a great tool for developing explosive core power!

Work Out With 16lb Medicine Ball

How to Choose the Right Medicine Ball

To get the most out of your sessions, you need the right ball weight. The 16lb ball falls just outside the beginners weight category. It’s designed for the more experienced, and those looking to build up strength through resistance.

With medicine ball training, you should feel enough resistance to challenge your body, but your movements shouldn’t be restricted. Lunges, throws and rotations should all be possible.

The 16lb Medicine Ball is available in a standard size, and you have a fantastic choice of color options to choose from to bring a personal touch to your training.

Lighter balls are not just for beginners – they’re ideal for agile, fast-paced movements and perfecting the accuracy and technique of your drills. However, if building strength in your muscles is your priority, this ball weight is ideal.

For progressive resistance training, we offer a wide range of weights, all the way up to 150lb with our Atlas ball.

Take a look at our complete range of medicine balls for sale.

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Man Working Out With 16lb Medicine Ball

How To Use Medicine Balls

Wondering how to make the most of an 8lb medicine ball? Our informative training hub includes a variety of exercises and routines you can try at home. Whatever your skill and fitness level, there are so many ways to take advantage of the power of our medicine balls.

And when you’ve worked through all of the ideas on our website, head over to our social media feeds to see what our customers have been up to – we regularly share new workout ideas and tips provided by our friendly community.

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Why Choose Dynamax

  • Exclusive discounts – take 20% off orders of 20+ balls
  • Consistent quality – withstands high-velocity impacts
  • No.1 choice for elite athletes, including NFL, NBA and MLB teams
  • Kind to the environment – up to 70% post-consumer materials
  • 2-year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good weight for a medicine ball?

According to the American Council of Exercise (ACE), medicine balls weighing between 4 and 15 pounds are the best starting points. This means that if you’re a beginner, you may be better off choosing a ball that’s lighter than 18lb. However, if you’re more experienced, this could be the perfect ball to build-up your core strength.

Can you slam Dynamax balls?

Dynamax balls are not suitable for slamming. While they’re designed to withstand high velocity impact, slamming could cause damage to the ball.

How do you use the 16lb Dynamax ball?

From side throws to tosses and rotations, you can use the 16lb Medicine Ball in a myriad of different ways. Suitable for use on your own or in pairs, you can check out our drill inspiration. Use at home, the gym – wherever you like to workout.

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