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Whether you want to complete workouts with a partner or on your own, 30lb Medicine Balls are perfect for taking your athletic training to the next level.

With a soft, strong grip, the outer shell is moisture resistant and highly durable. Designed to absorb high-velocity impact, all Dynamax Medicine Balls are crafted with user-friendly materials that provide a great bounce-back off floors and walls.

Our complete range of medicine balls for sale offers plenty of different weights to suit a versatile training plan. Made in the US, our products are consistent in quality and built to last.

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Man working out with 30lb Medicine Ball

Benefits of Dynamax Medicine Balls

Med ball exercises stimulate tissues that go unused in typical strength and conditioning programs – a huge benefit. Medicine ball throws also make fantastic resistance training exercises.

The Dynamax ball is the best tool for resistance training because of its ingenious design, which makes your muscles work just a little bit harder. Lunges, throws, passes and rotations are all great medicine ball exercises to engage your arm and core muscles.

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Man training with 30lb medicine ball

How To Use?

Mini medicine balls are perfect for perfecting speed, accuracy and coordination. We also supply larger medicine balls, all the way up to 150lbs – the ultimate challenge. With so many available, you can vary the intensity of your routines and choose a range of weights to suit your needs.

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Why Choose Dynamax

Dynamax are at the forefront of medicine ball design, trusted by top American athletes.

  • No.1 choice for elite athletes, including NFL, NBA and MLB teams.
  • 20% off orders of 20+ balls.
  • Consistent quality designed to withstand high-velocity impacts.
  • Sustainable product made with up to 70% post-consumer materials.
  • 2-year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 30lb medicine balls easy to hold?

Yes – the 30lb medicine balls from Dynamax are easy to hold and designed for improved levels of grip. Moisture-resistant and with a soft outer shell, you can train with comfort.

Is a medicine ball a good workout?

Yes! We may be a little biased, but there’s also plenty of scientific proof and athlete testimonials to back up the fact that a medicine ball makes a great workout. To get inspired, take a look at our medicine ball training ideas.

What size is a 30lb medicine ball?

The heaviest in the standard range, the 30lb medicine ball is 14” in diameter.

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