4lb Medicine Ball

New to medicine ball training? We’ve got you covered. The 4Lb medicine ball is small and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for complete beginners. Not just for new starters, it’s also a powerful ally for professional athletes to ramp up momentum and accuracy.

This medicine ball might be small, but shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated as part of your professional training. In fact, our 4Lb Elite MMA ball has been designed with professional athletes and aspiring fighters in mind.

We have a wide range of medicine balls available in 4Lb weights. Whichever design you choose, each ball is moisture resistant and manufactured to withstand repeated impact and high velocity movement. They’re super durable too, hand made with quality in mind right here in Texas.

Whether you’re training at home or at a fitness studio, take your gym exercises #ToTheMax with Dynamax.

CrossFit with a 4Lb medicine ball

These 4 LB Medicine Balls Are Perfect For:

Finding a ball that matches your strength level is important. For both men and women, the 4Lb is a great starting point. We also recommend this weight for young teenagers. As one of the lightest medicine balls on our website, it’s ideal for beginners and great for improving technique.

Even for professional athletes, the lighter 4Lb ball can be leveraged to improve coordination, balance, speed and accuracy. Pair that with a light resistance in your movement that can build on your muscle strength and stamina, and this is a great form of exercise that won’t grow old.

From shuffles and twists to dynamic passes and throws, these balls offer a super versatile routine. Our 4Lb balls are also perfect for partner-based medicine ball exercises and workouts.

Remember, it’s how you use the medicine ball that counts! Need inspiration? Why not join our social media community or check out our workout from home guide.

Our Other Medicine Balls

If you’re looking to buy for children, a lighter

Alongside our small 4Lb balls, we also stock 2Lb, 3Lb, 5Lb, 6Lb, 8Lb and 10Lb weights - which are all suitable for adults who are making their first steps in medicine ball training.

Buying for children and pre-teens? You’ll need an even smaller 1-2Lb medicine ball.

For the top-level athletes looking for a real high-intensity challenge, we also manufacture weightier medicine balls, including the 150Lb Atlas ball.

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How To Use Medicine Balls

Designed to absorb high-velocity impact, all Dynamax Medicine Balls are crafted with user-friendly materials that provide a great bounce-back off floors and walls. Whether you prefer to train alone or with a partner, we’re on a mission to prove that medicine ball workouts work just as well at home as they do in the gym. We’ve put together a series of clips to show you how to do some moves. From halo chops to hamstring curls, these drills will help you get the most out of your medicine ball. Take a look at our workout videos now to get started.

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Why Choose Dynamax

  • Crafted to withstand repeated impacts but soft enough to be user-friendly
  • Rigorous quality control and unique production methods ensure consistent quality
  • No.1 choice for elite athletes, including over 90% of all NFL, NBA and MLB teams
  • Kind to the environment, with up to 70% post-consumer materials used for each ball

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A man training with a 4lb Medicine Ball

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a 4Lb medicine ball provide a good workout?

Absolutely! Lighter and smaller balls give you a wider range of movement possibilities and can provide a great workout. If you need some inspiration to get you started, you can contact a professional trainer, or visit the guides on our website.

Is the 4Lb ball suitable for a full-body workout?

Yes! This is another great benefit of choosing a lighter, smaller medicine ball - it’s suitable for a whole body workout.